Legal Structure

Hebet el-Nil is based on a legally registered Association:
Hebet el Nil Foundation for Development (Luxor Governorate, Social Affairs Directorate, 20/2016)

Financial management of running costs

Financing running expenses should ultimately be reached by school fees and scholarships. Given the wide range of parental background, the possibilities of covering the school’s expenses by raising fees are very limited. However, we feel the necessity of a financial contribution of each family, small as it may be, to make all of them aware of our common responsibility as a school community. To ensure transparency and social coherence, the business plan and financial situation of the school are laid open to everyone involved, and individual agreements will be made to fix an affordable fee for each family.

Financial administration & running costs

We are planning to cover running maintenance costs by parents‘ contributions and individual sponsorships. However, considering the different financial situations of families, this will be possible only to a very limited extent. About 50% of the children cannot afford to pay the regular yearly school fee (actually 30 Euro per month).

Nevertheless, we deem it necessary that every family should make its contribution, small as it might be, in order to create consciousness for the common responsibility of the entire school community. Thus individual agreements will be made with each family concerned.

For transparency and social coherence, the budget will be openly accessible to all the families and staff involved.

The teachers’ salaries (170 Euro per month) have to be covered by donations from abroad. The school building envisaged will require larger donations. Although we have contacted several charitable foundations, any amount from private donors is welcome.

Donations – Bank in Germany:
Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners, Weinmeisterstr. 16, D-10178 Berlin
bei der GLS Gemeinschaftsbank, Bochum, Deutschland
IBAN DE47 4306 0967 0013 0420 10
Verwendungszweck: Hebet el-Nil Schule Luxor

Donations – Bank in Switzerland:
ACACIA – Fonds für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Eisengasee 5, CH-4051 Basel
bei der Freien Gemeinschaftsbank BCL, CH-4001 Basel
IBAN CH93 0839 2000 0040 0800 6
Verwendungszweck: Hebet el-Nil Schule Luxor

Donations – Bank in Austria:
HERMES – Österreich beim Bankhaus Spängler in Salzburg
Konto: AT86 1953 0001 0063 0000
Verwendungszweck: Hebet el-Nil Schule Luxor