Every child, not unlike a plant, needs a lot of time and adequate nourishment to develop, grow and become healthy and strong.

What it had experienced during his Kindergarten time are to build up a solid grounding for his life, enabling it to connect to the world and become deeply rooted in it.

For the child, to discover and experience the world as well as its own self can only be achieved through the senses and by doing, but never by intellectual learning.

Thus our children are beginning every day with artistic and hands-on activities, like painting, drawing, modeling, sewing, weaving or baking bread. Thereby they deeply engage in their work, their soul is connected with their own activity and their hands and fingers will become skillful.

After this, there will be time for individual play with blocks of wood, pieces of cloth, dolls, toy animals etc, whereby the children develop their imagination and creative abilities. They adopt roles, work out their own experiences, and develop social skills by interacting with each other. There will also be common activities in between, like roundabouts, little verses, songs, and playing musical instruments. Thereby they will experience their own body and its abilities, and see themselves as an active part of the group. When playing outside, they have the opportunity to run, climb or dig a hole into the sand, connecting themselves with nature and making them strong and happy.

Storytelling and role-playing with dolls can enhance inner life and in an unbiased imaginative way help them understanding the wisdom underlying nature and social life.

Preparing food and taking their meals together will then bring about another opportunity for social experience, feeling comfortable as part of the familiar group.

We exclusively use natural ingredients and materials and keep away electronic devices to allow for direct access to the surrounding world.

Throughout this curriculum, there is a balanced exchange of guidance and liberty, also including the sequence of the year’s seasons and preparation of its festivals. Our aim will be to foster the children’s awareness, their interest in life and their enthusiasm to become part of it.

When we succeed to develop strong personalities solidly grounded in themselves and well rooted in the world, the outcome will be like a strong tree with beautiful flowers and bring forth sweet and juicy fruits.

Actually, there are two Kindergarten groups, each of them comprising 24 children being guided by two Educators.