Not far from the Theban Hills, where the kings and nobles of Ancient Egypt were buried, a peasant is harvesting his carrots. His brother is doing the cooking, another one of his brothers puts some tables and chairs out on the embankment of the Nile. The restaurant is ready. The salad goes with a bottle of olive oil from Sekem*, the biological farm which Mohammed had visited two years ago, and which he is dreaming of ever since. “All of Egypt should be like that”, he says – or at least something like Sekem should be done for all those unnumbered children around on the land he rented and is working on, One of the European guests listens to his words. She knows Sekem, and she also knows Sekem’s pedagogical impulse and is enthusiastic about it. So things start moving.

2015, October: In Al Ba’irat, a cluster of eight villages on the West Bank of Luxor, a group of peasant families decide to put up a school in order to overcome the extremely unsatisfactory school situation by introducing enhanced pedagogical methods

2016, April 24:  “Hebet el-Nil Foundation for Development” is registered as an NGO (Hebet el-Nil meaning “gift of the Nile” in Arabic)

2016, Spring:  First training courses on Waldorf Pedagogy for Egyptian teachers held by experts from Switzerland

2016, Sept.12:  Hebet el-Nil Kindergarten is starting with 60 children of poor peasant families in a villa rented for the purpose

2017 March 27:  Hebet el-Nil Foundation for Development buys 2600m² of land for building apropriate premises

Sept. 9:  The Community School “Madrassa Hebet el-Nil” opens class one with 21 children.

27. 03 2017: The Hebet el-Nil Foundation for Development acquires 2600 m² of land.

March 2018: 1st construction phase: enclosure wall.

May 2018: 2nd construction phase: Start of construction of the kindergarten.

August 2018: Start of construction of the administration building and the school canteen.

25th November 2018: Moved into the new buildings!

1st July 2019 : 3rd construction phase: Start of construction of the primary school (1st – 6th grade).

13th September 2020 : Taking host of the primary school.


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Spring 2022: 4th construction phase: middle school, crafts wing, hall