About Us

Photograph of teachers, right to left:

Nisma, Atif, Hanân, Zeinab, Assma, Sabah, Hâla, Umm Kalthoum, Sumeya, Rasha, Abd el-Rahim, Nathalie

Working in the Kindergarten: Rasha, Hanân, Assma and Umm Kalthoum

Working in the school: Zeinab, Sabah, Sumeya and Nisma

Board members and administration: Hâla and Atif

Visiting teachers from Europe:
Roland Steinemann, Karin Eckstein, Dr. Bruno Sandkühler, Christian Hitsch, Marina Meier and Nathalie Kux

During summer and winter holidays intensive courses on Waldorf pedagogy are held by senior teachers from Europe, who will also stay in contact during the remaining months, monitoring the local development of the school.